PlotDigitizer 2.1.1 Details

PlotDigitizer is packed with numerous functionalities to helps users quickly extract data from graph images. You can extract data from various graph types, which includes, XY, polar, ternary, pie/doughnut, histogram, bar (horizontal and vertical). Furthermore, the software is powered with auto-extraction algorithms that can detect, curves, points, and other patterns.

Publisher Description

Window 10 CompatibleWith Plot Digitizer, Users can quickly extract numerical data from graphs, plots, charts, and images. It supports several graph types, besides standard XY graphs. The other graphs categories XY, horizontal bar, vertical bar, histogram, polar diagram, ternary plots, pie/doughnut charts. It supports linear as well as non-linear scale (logarithmic base 10, natural logarithmic, date/time, and reciprocal or inverse). You can upload all common image file formats, which include JPG, JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, BMP, WEBP, SVGz. The software is packed with powerful algorithms that automate the data extraction process. You can save the extract data and further export it to several formats: MS Excel, CSV, Array, Python, MATLAB, Matrix, JSON. The software is cross-platform, available for Windows 10, Linux (Debian & Redhat families), Macintosh, and web browser. Other unique features of the software are math parser (parse and evaluate math expressions), grid removal tool, zoom panel, and image editing toolkit (rotate, scale, crop, color filter, etc).

Download and use it now: PlotDigitizer

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